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Samsung Curved Screen – About Time….

Author: Stefan Stalgren Oct 9, 2013 Posted in: Blog > Design

No small feat making the screen curved. Many Engineers have been looking for this, and for a long time. Engineers are however not regular people. Whether customers want it or not may therefore be a whole different story. Time will tell. Short of the ancient rolled up writings, books and magazines with mostly flat pages appears to be a good format. They seem to have staying power, electronic or not. Text also generally goes left to right (In the Western World). Regardless, I believe I would have curved it along the other axis. That aligns with the ear to mouth curvature as well.

Either way, Awesome! Good Job, Samsung!


SciKon Innovation – The next generation Stacked Culture Plates

Author: Stefan Stalgren Sep 5, 2013 Posted in: Blog > Design


SciKon Innovation – The next generation Stacked Culture Plates



Design, Materials and Manufacturing Processes – When all you have is a hammer…..

Author: Stefan Stalgren Aug 26, 2013 Posted in: Blog > Design

A wise man once said; When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Regardless of education, training and experience, getting comfortable with what you know and what was used in the past are common pitfalls, and especially if you have limited experience and resources.

Wood Frame Chopper

Now, there may be good reasons for all of this.  A limited budget and availability of parts and processes as well as limited time, are always considerations and for any project. Some projects are just a lot lengthier and expensive than others.

I’m certainly not here to make a case for instead overthinking and making parts and products overly complex and expensive for no good reason. Rather, a first good step may always be to do some quick research on similar products and or similar parts with somewhat similar function but found in other products. There’s usually a good reason why the fundamentals look the way they do.

Design in nature is pretty much perfect (geometry, materials, and everything else). Just look around, outside – beyond human interference, and you will see a perfect balance between form and function. Similarly, most man made parts and products that have been around for a long time tend to mature into a reasonably efficient form and function. That said, although it may hard to see, we are constantly making advances (Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age ……) and technologies and processes develop continuously. A hammer no longer have to have a wooden handle. That sounds basic, and you probably knew that already. It is a good example though, and it’s a pretty recent ‘discovery’.

What I’m trying to get to is how extremely common it is to find projects where the basic concept, technology and materials have remained relatively stagnant. Good examples are vacuum cleaners (pre-Dyson), top loaded washer machines, home ceiling fans, and many more. Now, this is good news as there’s ample room for a better mouse trap to be built and replace these products. If combined with advances in materials and manufacturing processes, almost any regular product can be made considerably more efficient and reasonably quickly. That is, if you want to be in the business of making e.g., vacuum cleaners…. 😉