3D Printing Reduces Time & Cost of Production Cycles

Author: Stefan Stalgren Mar 24, 2015 Posted in: Blog > News

Reducing time and cost of production without sacrificing quality is the goal of every manufacturer. 3D Printing is achieving it.

CADJockey, in association with Bi-Link and 3D Systems, works with product developers, engineers and entrepreneurs to create test products, injection mold tooling and short-run production in timeframes and costs that are almost unbelievably low. 3D Systems’ ProJet 3500 HD Max makes it possible.

This high-end 3D Printer is designed to produce functional plastic parts for professional-grade design and manufacturing applications. It has proven to stand up to skeptics’ claims about the quality and output limitations of the technology.

Customers are getting high quality test parts, made with the same material as their production parts, in a week or less — a process that has traditionally taken two to three months. For most applications, the quality of these parts is equal or near equal to those made from a traditional steel molds.

“We are able to provide near real-time design-for-manufacturability and supply pre-prototype parts to verify designs, both of which help our customers reduce their design cycle time,” said Bi-Link President Ray Ziganto.

Parts are precise with sharp edges and true-to-CAD fidelity. In Bi-Link’s experience, the printer has capably handled production of parts featuring deep cores and recesses, tiny holes, clap inserts in the mold, thin walls, small undercuts and fine 1.5mm teeth.

Beneficiaries of this technology include electronics and medical manufacturing companies around the world.

Watch the four-minute video below to learn more. Contact CADJockey to find out how 3D Printing can benefit your new product development or manufacturing process.