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Defining Product Management

Author: Stefan Stalgren Jan 13, 2016 Posted in: Blog > News

product management, Raleigh-Durham, N.C.The discipline of product management is evolving and often misunderstood by those outside it. We found a number of posts exploring the concept of product management and these insights worth sharing:

Product Management is a Team Sport

Martin Erikkson writes a post with this title on the Mind the Product blog (4/27/2015).

Some highlights:

 “Like the conductor or quarterback, the product manager is an individual who only succeeds by bringing the whole team along with them, and by working together towards a common goal.”

“The product manager’s job, therefore, is not to manage people, nor to direct them, but to lead them by clearly articulating the common goal. They should provide the context the team is working in – from the problems and pain points customers have, to the competitive environment the company is operating in.”

“The product manager’s job is to bring the user problems to the team, and then facilitate the conversations and help connect the dots as the whole team designs the solutions to them. ….It’s so incredibly valuable to involve the whole team and their diverse mindsets and experience when designing solutions, that it would simply be foolish not to.”