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3D Printing Solution: Replicating Parts for Historic Battleship

Author: Stefan Stalgren Nov 3, 2015 Posted in: Blog > News

Gun house BB55Could 3D Printing provide a cost-effective means of replicating missing switch knobs for the historic Battleship NORTH CAROLINA? Alex Dydula, volunteer researcher, sought the answer to that question and contacted CADJockey regarding computer-aided part design.

The battleship, commissioned in 1941 and retired six years later, is now a memorial and museum in the port of downtown Wilmington, N.C. Dydula is leading the current effort to restore transfer panels inside the ship’s gun houses. Missing from the panels are multiple switch knobs that gave operators manual control over communications between the ship’s electro-mechanical computer and the weaponry it maneuvered. With the communications of this era dependent upon wired connections, this manual operation became necessary in the event that specific sections of the ship were hit by artillery.