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Make Fire from Water

Author: Stefan Stalgren Oct 30, 2013 Posted in: Blog > News

Every now and then there are some neat innovations that make you raise your eyebrows.

Samsung Curved Screen – About Time….

Author: Stefan Stalgren Oct 9, 2013 Posted in: Blog > Design

No small feat making the screen curved. Many Engineers have been looking for this, and for a long time. Engineers are however not regular people. Whether customers want it or not may therefore be a whole different story. Time will tell. Short of the ancient rolled up writings, books and magazines with mostly flat pages appears to be a good format. They seem to have staying power, electronic or not. Text also generally goes left to right (In the Western World). Regardless, I believe I would have curved it along the other axis. That aligns with the ear to mouth curvature as well.

Either way, Awesome! Good Job, Samsung!